12 Juli 2017

July Focus : Continous improvement

It's been a long time since my post about being a better me.

For the last past 9 months after I back to head office, I feel that time flies. There are so many thing happen around me that I forgot about myself. Just a quick update, I move to another role by this month. By this happen, it means that I assigned to 3 channel role in one year. So far I have been learned about CCD in GT, MTI others, and Mom & Baby Shop channel. And the new role begin, I will manage Indomaret and E-commerce this time.

Move that aside, I learn a lot of things about myself. I get motivated easily, but at the times goes by, I can forget about it. As an example is my "minimalism lifestyle" that I am so excited about back then in 2015, and now I just realized that I need to get back on track.

The thing that I learn from my experienced is that I need to monitor myself so I am not losing focus. Rather than super dramatic changes, it will be easier for me to changes small thing but keep it for a month or so. This time I am gonna back on track, after evaluate what I have been through in the first semester of 2017.

Just quick recap of my 2017 revolution :
  1. Loving my self more. I need to accept what Allah give to me and feel grateful.
  2. Care for my self, workout, eat healthy, get enough rest
  3. Loving my family. Spend more time with them, spread happiness
  4. Loving my friends. I need to spend more time with my friends, make a beautiful memory, and be there in the best moment of their life.
  5. Loving my brain : English and Japanese? one book a month?
  6. Loving the Earth : Minimalism and Zero Waste
As July, I want to focus on small things that I can achieve everyday to reach my goals in 2017. So here is my focus this month :
  • Continuing a good habit from Ramadhan month : Dhuha and Sunnah Qobliyah & Ba'diyah
  • Sleep before 11 pm
  • Reduce complain to my parents, listen to them and just do what they want
  • Start blogging about minimalism lifestyle again to remind me about this lifestyle

Yes!! I think that is my July Focus

hope it can form a good habit, so I can keep increase my challenge every months



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