19 April 2017

Family Trip! Bangkok - Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh (Bangkok Edition)

I am back!!!
and with another story about travelling.

So, I had a trip with my Mom, brother and sister. We went to Bangkok, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh. A little bit crazy to go to 3 countries in the same time. But, Cambodia is my brothers bucket list. So we just think that we will go to all of that places at once.

Day 1 is Thailand! CGK-DMK 01.00-04.20

We choose to go to Bangkok from Jakarta by Air Asia. My Mom and Sister came from Yogyakarta in the morning, so we went at the afternoon and arrived at night.We stay at Air Bnb near Khaosan Road. It was such a huge room for 4 of us and we enjoyed staying there. We didn't do a lot of things, so we just buy food in seven eleven and get rest.

Day 2 Walking around Bangkok

The reason why we put Bangkok in our list is because of their food and shopping! Me and my brother falling in love with Catuchak Weekend Market when we first come, and obsessed to be back.

We go to Catuchak by Taxi, because I think that is the cheapest way for us to go there. If you travel by four, it will be cheap to take a taxi rather than subway or bus. You will not get lost anyway. We arrived early in the morning, at 10 AM and not all stall ready. So we just walking around and try search for a food.
Fresh fruit for breakfast

ready to eat

Which food do you want?

Thai Tea always the best idea

Coconut ice cream on the heat

We just too happy

Mango sticky rice

Unfortunately, I am feeling sick at that day. I don't know why I just not feeling well. I think it is because I travel a lot before for work. So, I choose to rest and get a massage while the others shop. At the end my Mom just buy a lot of things for souvenir and we ended up ship it because it is still Day 1 of our journey, we cannot bring a lot of stuff for the next 6 days!!!

We stay at the market until 2PM, and continue our journey to Grand Palace. It so crowded there and at that day it is gloomy. Even worse, it was rain at that day. We did not enjoy that place so much.

A Gloomy Grand Palace

Than we just walking around Khaosan Road, have an hour massage, and we just search for a dinner. That's a wrap for our Bangkok Trip. It was such a shame that we did not spend more time there. There are a lot of place that we found will be interesting to explore. My Mom just falling in love with Bangkok and ask me to take her there again. I think Bangkok will always be my favorite because I love their food and that place is such a shopping spree for Indonesian.

Wait for me Bangkok, I will be back soon!!

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