04 Januari 2017

2016 reflection and 2017 goals

Time flies fast..
I just think that many events happened to me during 2016.
I moved to Bandung, spend 9 months there and then I moved to Jakarta. Sometimes I feel that it was too much that I don't enjoy the moment. But, there are a lot of things that I grateful for, so I want to thank Allah for give me another year to overcome.

So, this is my 2016 highlight :
  1. I got promoted at work
  2. Having emergency fund
  3. Family Holiday to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
  4. Trying new thing : Parasailing in Bali
  5. Get 7 in IELTS score
  6. Live with my family again
  7. Having a good-bad relationship with some man (it didn't work.. huft)
And in 2017, I choose keyword "LOVE" as this year theme.
I want to

  1. Loving my self more. I need to accept what Allah give to me and feel grateful.
  2. Care for my self, workout, eat healthy, get enough rest
  3. Loving my family. Spend more time with them, spread happiness
  4. Loving my friends. I need to spend more time with my friends, make a beautiful memory, and be there in the best moment of their life.
  5. Loving my brain : English and Japanese? one book a month?
  6. Loving the Earth : Minimalism and Zero Waste
It looks a lot but I just think that as something that makes me excited. In this blog I will definetely spend more time to write about my life, the progress I make and of course what I think about Minimalism and Zero Waste lifestyle.

I will start 2017 by posting my attempt to ZERO WASTE, by making a zero waste series. It just a tips about how to change something easy to reduce the amount of plastic. I think it is the time for us to do something for our earth, because I found that Jakarta is getting hotter these days. The war is real!!!

so, BRING IT ON!!!

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