09 November 2016

Moving Again > Jakarta

I feel that is no longer a surprised.

I moved... again..

After 10 months in Surabaya, I already update in the blog that I moved to Bandung. Even with the same position, new area give another challenge and opportunity for me to learn something new. Honestly, I feel happy to live there and I am thinking to spend 1-2 years there.

But start on October, I moved to Head Office, Jakarta and assigned new job, as a assistant channel manager. I dont know why, but sometimes I think this company just go too fast. I mean, sometimes when I just settle down, making a routine and I am start to enjoy it, something changed. And it ruined everything.

I know that I am such a people who loves everything under control and goes as planned. So, this kind of thing makes me uncomfortable.

But, hey, it is life!! You can't always control it. Everything is happened for a reason. At least, I can live with my Dad and my brother again. You can't value it with money.

The hardest thing is adaptation and making a new habit. I am happy enough that I can catch up my job pretty easily. What takes my concern is the lifestyle in Jakarta. I must confessed that I am not a big fan of Jakarta, especially if you experienced living in Yogya, Surabaya and Bandung. They are so comfortable. In Bandung I feel that I have balancing my life.

Jakarta just so different. I don't know why but I feel so tired everyday. Time flies, going home at 7 or 8 is something common here. I am a morning person. I go to office at 7am, and nobody there. We just start to work at 9am. They feel comfortable to go home at 7pm or 8pm, while for me, I usually go home at 5pm. The struggle is real, especially when everybody in my department doing the same.

It doesnt show that much, but I think I am kind of stress. I need to make a new good habit to follow, make a new morning routine because I feel that I need workout to strengthen my immune. I also need to find a new hobby or activities to release my stress.

Hopefully in my next post I can explain what I am doing that works for me.


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