19 Juli 2016

Update!!! My 25 before 25

I lost from blogging for another months!

I am so sorry for this, but there are a lot of thing happened in my real life, so I forgot to update in my Blog. I have a new boss, it means that I need to adapt again and trying to figure out the way of working that fit with him.

I also admit that I lost my focus for the last two month, so in July, I think I need to review what happened for the half year of 2016 and make a plan for the rest of 2016.

There are several things that catch my attention in 2016:

  1. Minimalism
  2. Zero Waste lifestyle
  3. Veganism
  4. Bullet Journal
  5. Traveling
I learn  a lot of thing about this topic from YouTube and Pinterest. They have a several reading that fit my value and how to actually doing it. I will explore more and update in the blog what I thought about it and what is my plan to do it in my daily life.

Review on my 25 before 25:


I don't do it because I keep postponed. But, this is something that interesting to try and I want to do again. I will try to modified it so it reachable. Another positive thing about it, is I can achieve more for some of my goals.

For example, in term of financial goals, I want to have 30 million in my bank account. At the end of June I have 50 million!! I save most of my money, not buying anything from April and reduce my cost. This is make me think to have another goals for the rest of 2016.

I will catch up later!!

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