07 Februari 2014

Ocean Park (Hongkong-Shenzhen-Macau Trip. 20-27 January 2014)

I am back!!!
now, with another place to travel!!
So basically, me and my brother went to Hongkong, Shenzhen and Macau last month. At first, I just plan to go to Hongkong only. But then I read a lot of blog and book that you can go to Shenzhen and Macau as well since it is really close. The biggest reason to choose Hongkong and Macau is because you don't need visa to go there. As Shenzhen, you can apply VOA (Visa on Arrival). ^^

20 January 2014
Basically it just a day in plane
07.25 - 10.45 Yogyakarta-Singapore with Air Asia
14.15 - 18.10 Singapore-Hongkong with Tiger air
After arrive in the airport, the first thing that we buy is Octopus Card HKD 150. It is a transportation card to pay bus, train, tram and ferry. If you go around Hongkong with public transportation, than buy this card will be helpful.

We will spend the night at Gloria Guesthouse in Chungking Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui. So, from the airport we take bus no A21 that will drop us near our guesthouse. The bus have wifi, so you can update into media social free. I will review about our accommodation in the other post, because I want to make a review and comparison about the place to sleep in detail.

21 January 2014 OCEAN PARK
We left our place at 8.30 and ready to go. Ocean Park is located in Hongkong Island, different island with our place, so we use MTR to go there.
-How to go to Ocean Park?
take MTR to Admiralty station and take bus no 629. This bus will go directly to Ocean Park and start at 9 am. This bus leave every 15-20 minutes. This is the only public transportation to and from Ocean park. they have another bus from central station too. The bus fare cost around HKD 10 and can be paid by Octopus Card

When we arrive there, the gate still closed, they open the gate at 10 am or 10.30 am depend on the day. There are not many people around, so you can leisurely buy the ticket or if you want to get a cheaper price than you can buy the ticket online. The amusement park is really big! There are two area, the waterfront and the summit. The main entrance is located in the waterfront area. For that day we think to explore the summit area first, and then comeback to waterfront to going home. This is the map of ocean park. Our plan is take ocean express to go to the summit > thrill mountain > polar adventure > rainforest > adventure land > marine world > take cable car to comeback to waterfront area > old hongkong > amazing asian animal.

Attraction that you should try!! I dare you!! The rate based on the thrill (***** for the highest!)
The Flash *****
Hair Raiser *****
Mine Train ***
Raging River ***
Crazy Galeon ***
The Dragon ****
The Abyss ***** and The rapids *** ( we didn't try it because it under maintenance )

All that attraction is on the summit area, but you really have to try the cable car and enter Amazing asian animal to meet panda! We spend a lot of time there. I think we back at 5 pm. After that we come back to Tsim Sha Tsui and go to Avenue of the stars to watch symphony of the light. It start at 8 pm, so you better eat dinner first. Since we came at winter, the weather was really cold, around 15 degree I think. So you better bring warm clothes and jacket.

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