19 April 2017

Family Trip! Bangkok - Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh (Bangkok Edition)

I am back!!!
and with another story about travelling.

So, I had a trip with my Mom, brother and sister. We went to Bangkok, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh. A little bit crazy to go to 3 countries in the same time. But, Cambodia is my brothers bucket list. So we just think that we will go to all of that places at once.

04 Januari 2017

2016 reflection and 2017 goals

Time flies fast..
I just think that many events happened to me during 2016.
I moved to Bandung, spend 9 months there and then I moved to Jakarta. Sometimes I feel that it was too much that I don't enjoy the moment. But, there are a lot of things that I grateful for, so I want to thank Allah for give me another year to overcome.

09 November 2016

Moving Again > Jakarta

I feel that is no longer a surprised.

I moved... again..

After 10 months in Surabaya, I already update in the blog that I moved to Bandung. Even with the same position, new area give another challenge and opportunity for me to learn something new. Honestly, I feel happy to live there and I am thinking to spend 1-2 years there.

But start on October, I moved to Head Office, Jakarta and assigned new job, as a assistant channel manager. I dont know why, but sometimes I think this company just go too fast. I mean, sometimes when I just settle down, making a routine and I am start to enjoy it, something changed. And it ruined everything.

I know that I am such a people who loves everything under control and goes as planned. So, this kind of thing makes me uncomfortable.

But, hey, it is life!! You can't always control it. Everything is happened for a reason. At least, I can live with my Dad and my brother again. You can't value it with money.

The hardest thing is adaptation and making a new habit. I am happy enough that I can catch up my job pretty easily. What takes my concern is the lifestyle in Jakarta. I must confessed that I am not a big fan of Jakarta, especially if you experienced living in Yogya, Surabaya and Bandung. They are so comfortable. In Bandung I feel that I have balancing my life.

Jakarta just so different. I don't know why but I feel so tired everyday. Time flies, going home at 7 or 8 is something common here. I am a morning person. I go to office at 7am, and nobody there. We just start to work at 9am. They feel comfortable to go home at 7pm or 8pm, while for me, I usually go home at 5pm. The struggle is real, especially when everybody in my department doing the same.

It doesnt show that much, but I think I am kind of stress. I need to make a new good habit to follow, make a new morning routine because I feel that I need workout to strengthen my immune. I also need to find a new hobby or activities to release my stress.

Hopefully in my next post I can explain what I am doing that works for me.


19 Juli 2016

Update!!! My 25 before 25

I lost from blogging for another months!

I am so sorry for this, but there are a lot of thing happened in my real life, so I forgot to update in my Blog. I have a new boss, it means that I need to adapt again and trying to figure out the way of working that fit with him.

I also admit that I lost my focus for the last two month, so in July, I think I need to review what happened for the half year of 2016 and make a plan for the rest of 2016.

There are several things that catch my attention in 2016:

  1. Minimalism
  2. Zero Waste lifestyle
  3. Veganism
  4. Bullet Journal
  5. Traveling
I learn  a lot of thing about this topic from YouTube and Pinterest. They have a several reading that fit my value and how to actually doing it. I will explore more and update in the blog what I thought about it and what is my plan to do it in my daily life.

13 April 2016

CHANGE - Our lifestyle today

Stumble upon some blogs, I found some inconvenient truth about human. It is so scary that the way we live today has impact to our environment. I am extremely happy that I read that blog or watch YouTube videos about some lifestyle that different from the usual. It makes me think and consider the way I lived that is so harmful for others. 

Easy, Fast and Cheap Plastic

This is what our society want for their life. They want everything fast, convenient to bring, convenient to eat, and have a cheap price. For example is plastic bag and water bottle. When you want to buy something, even for one or two items, you want to have a plastic bag to carry your groceries. Even you can put it in your own bag. "It's free in Indonesia anyway, why should I refuse?", that's the way we think when we get them. You will think that you will reuse them to collect trash in your home, but 50% of it will just go to the trash bin without you think twice. As for water bottle. This is quite tricky if you life in Indonesia. Because we cannot drink tap water. It is not safe for us, that's why plastic water bottle is so convenient for us. You can just buy it everywhere and throw it when you finish. Bring your own water bottle everywhere and refill them seem to be burdensome for us.

I am trying to reduce the number of plastic I use these days, and I realized that it is SO HARD. When I went to supermarket to buy something, I am so shocked that everything is covered by plastic. My favorite biscuit and snack, spaghetti, rice, flour, spices, even fruits and vegetables. They all packed in plastic. It is so easy for us just to take all that we want, and throw away the packaging. We think that everything that covered by plastic will look better, stay longer, and not spoiled. But what we do with our plastic after we come home? We just throw it away. When you need some plastic? You can buy it since it is so cheap.